Oh were still forging props, currently rebuilding many things across the board. Do it again but better. For orders, please email flowforgecreations@gmail.com

Website release and limited pricing till Oct 19!

Hello, and welcome to Flow Forge Creations, the brainchild of my combined passions for flow arts, sustainable design, and 3D printing.

I'm pretty excited, not going to lie. I've been incubating the birth of my designs for years, and I'm finally getting to share them, with you. With advances in 3D printing technology, and a pinch of wizardy, I discovered a process of creating end use durable parts with the printer that I built from a kit, and then heavily modified using cutting edge 3D printing technology.

I'll be posting weekly, as I share my vision and discoveries of 3D printing, the importance of the flow state, healing through flow, prototype developments, maybe a little bit about my journey to get here, and anything else Flow Forge Creations related.

I'm happy you're here, because Dragon Staff attachments are just the beginning, and I encourage you to check in once in a while for news and my mad scientist rantings and ravings, I want to keep it fun, because I love what I do!

Until Oct 19 2018, I'm selling my creations, Metatron's Dragon and Dragon of Life for my early adopter price of only $120.00 CAD + shipping internationally. My cost of manufacturing is going up to keep up with demand so the price structure is changing soon. After Oct 19, my early adopter phase will be over.

With the manufacturing change, new features and qualities will be implemented to reflect the price increase. It's my commitment to you, that at any pricing option you are getting incredible value for my Dragon Attachments, you'll love it, and you'll tell your friends :)



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