Forged for freedom of creative expression

Who are we?

Flow Forge Creations is a custom 3D printing company that exists to create amazing props for full self expression of flow artistry.

Using specialized printing techniques and cutting edge technology, we are unique from anyone else in the industry. We 3D print with vision and invent solutions to sustain your expression through any festival.

Creating a Community!

We appeal to FLOW ARTISTS who are searching for exceptional quality props. New or experienced in the world of props, we believe self expression should be easy to access and suitable for any level of experience.
Find us at one of our festivals, our products are unique and starting to spread around the world.

Customer feedback is extremely appreciated, and Flow Forge Creations is committed to listening to your ideas, your vision, your input, and evolving our products according to your needs.

3D Printed Dragon Staff Disks

The ultimate in durable Dragon Staff attachments. Dubbed "Festival Proof" by the community of early adopters, our 3D printed Dragon Staff attachments feature universal fitment with any staff on the market, or any create it yourself staff. 

Embrace your freedom of creative expression with a custom disk, or choose from our design selection.

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