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Magnetech Single + LED
Magnetech Single + LED
Magnetech Single + LED

Magnetech Single + LED

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Introducing the Magnetech.

These poi handles were designed to combine Magnetics and LED in one poi accessory. The magnet is strong enough to combine your poi into meteor on the fly, which opens an entirely new world of possibilities for transitions and style.

This is for a single Magnetech knob with LED, for you 3-poi spinners out there.


  • Incredibly strong magnets transform your poi into meteor/hybrid-hammer seamlessly
  • Rechargeable LED with multiple modes (Dot.XL chip by Ultrapoi)
  • Multiple connector choices, interchangeable. Swivel, 7mm (1/4") rope, 10mm (3/8") rope
  • Screwcap lid for access to recharge helps keep dust out
  • Weighs 38 grams. 44g with swivel, Dot.XL weighs 4g
  • All parts serviceable

As a single unit. For LED Magnetechs, clear is the best for LED diffusion

Our design allows for different connector styles; we can build your set with rope or swivel pre-installed straight from The Forge. The design allows for part customization, from lid, to chassis, and the core.

Our core variants all fit within the same design, so if you want to change things up with your poi rig, extra cores allow for your ideal setup with basic tools.

How to setup the Magnetechs with your poi rig:

Tools you will need:
#2 Roberts Screwdriver, narrow flathead Screwdriver



**The magnets within the knobs are strong. There is a pinching hazard. We do not recommend placing your wallet or your phone (or any computer) near them as the magnets may damage them. The best storage is to connect them together

Some have asked if these can be used with fire poi. If your fire poi has magnetic hardware, the risk of a tangle can increase and our default answer is no. You should check your fire poi before using the Magnetechs and use your discretion for your hardware choice. The chassis is not fuel or fire proof**


Any questions can be submitted to our email